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DARPA looking to develop remote wireless sensors that use almost no power

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking to develop a new generation of sensors which draw so little power in idle mode as to extend their recharge limit from weeks to years. The N-ZERO ‘Asleep-yet-Aware’ initiative, for which the organisation is seeking partners and contributors, is intended to create wireless remote sensors that… Read More

IBM brings U.S. military logistics into the hybrid cloud

IBM has announced that it is providing hybrid cloud solutions to the U.S. Army’s logistics system – one of the biggest of its kind in the United States. The army’s Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) division has migrated to an on-premise IBM-supplied hybrid cloud environment handling 40 million data transactions daily, and claims to have achieved… Read More

Japan addresses military recruiting shortfall with cute mobile game

Japan Self-Defence Forces (aka 自衛隊 Jieitai), the peacekeeping military force which is slowly being controversially returned to the status and operational functionality of a regular army, is on a charm offensive for young minds that might be interested in an army career, and not surprisingly the charm assault takes in mobile and gaming: Jieitai Collection… Read More

DARPA seeking collaborators for the future of analogue computing

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has put out a Request for Information (RFI) inviting potential research collaborators to submit new ideas, methodologies and proposed technologies for leveraging analogue – non-digital, non-binary – processing methods in new research systems. Vincent Tang, program manager at the Defense Sciences Office at DARPA explains “The standard computer… Read More

Graphene breakthrough promises ‘million-fold improvement’ in current hard drive storage capacity

Research scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed a technique of magnetising graphene that it claims promises a ‘million-fold’ increase in the current storage capability of hard drives. Graphene can exhibit magnetic properties either through manufacturing defects or the binding of chemical groups to the so-called ‘wonder’ material, but the problem of creating… Read More