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Microsoft and Amazon to help NHS allocate hospital resources effectively

The UK National Health Service has enlisted the services of some of the world's largest tech firms to help it thwart the coronavirus outbreak. First reported by BBC, the NHS... Read More

Microsoft sees 775 percent surge in cloud demand in regions enforcing social distancing

Microsoft has revealed the extent to which remote workers and other organisations are relying on Azure services to sustain operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In the company's latest cloud services... Read More

Editorial: Why Big Tech can be proud of its coronavirus response

The novel coronavirus pandemic is sweeping the globe and once bustling industrial economies are grinding to a halt.  Companies and their employees are being forced to rapidly adapt to a... Read More

IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and Google mobilise supercomputing and cloud resources to fight Covid-19

IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are joining forces with the White House, the US Department of Energy, and other US federal agencies to deliver supercomputing power and public cloud resources... Read More

Microsoft Azure to prioritise emergency workers and critical government infrastructure

Microsoft has said its cloud platform Azure will begin prioritising emergency personnel and organisations working on the frontline of coronavirus efforts. In a blog post, the tech giant said first... Read More

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