Latest microservices publications

Microservices in the Cloud-Native Era

For improved software development, monitoring, functionality, and speed - it is a must to adopt a microservices architecture.  Read More

Modern microservices and the software development revolution

The world of enterprise software development came of age with the emergence of ‘single purpose’ software applications aligned to a specific business function. It started with accounting programmes in finance,... Read More

The hidden costs of microservices

Microservices are hot right now. IT colleagues I talk with are excited about their potential, and thought leaders in various industries are speculating about their transformative power – and with... Read More

TFM 2019: Leveraging MarTech to deliver frictionless customer experience

Today, consumers expect more from the brands they choose to follow and engage with and are demanding smarter and savvier experiences. Big businesses are using customer insight in elevating the... Read More

The future of application delivery with Avi Networks at Cloud Expo Europe

AVI Networks talks the latest trends in application delivery and explains why the major cloud providers’ native load balancing services don’t provide the functionality and performance that enterprises are used... Read More

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