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Western Digital announces breakthrough 64-layer 3D NAND tech

Western Digital has unveiled the world’s first 64-layer 3D NAND technology, which it promises will deliver bigger and significantly faster SSD flash memory solutions in the future. Alongside Toshiba, the American storage firm has developed the 3D NAND technology which counts an impressive 64 layers of vertically-stacked storage. The product is named BiCS3, continuing from… Read More

Knowm’s new memristor improves efficient AI processors

Knowm, a startup launched only six months ago, has announced this week that two new variations on the Knowm memristor are available for purchase. Knowm is also selling raw device data that can be used by researchers to develop their own memristor models. Memristors are an electrical component that, much like the synapses in the brain, can remember… Read More

Sound waves provide answer to fast, reliable data storage

A group of scientists has discovered a method of using sound waves to improve the efficiency and performance of data storage. The research team found that large amounts of data could be transferred by modulating the sound waves – an effect which they hope could improve loading times and reduce power consumption. Published in the… Read More

HP and SanDisk join to create storage-class memory solutions

HP and SanDisk have announced a partnership which will see the two co-develop storage-class memory (SCM) solutions pegged to replace DRAM and NAND flash. The two firms are designing the technologies for the enterprise cloud and data centre markets, for infrastructures based on HP’s memristor and SanDisk’s Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRam). The companies claim… Read More

Skyrmions: Scientists unfreeze potential of incorruptible quantum memory

Researchers have achieved a breakthrough in quantum memory, creating ‘skyrmions’ at room temperature – a development which holds the potential for new types of computer memory which never loses the data it stores. Named after British physicist Tony Skyrme, the ring-shaped magnetic effects had until recently only been seen under extreme laboratory conditions. The researchers… Read More