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Israeli team develops high-speed 3D bioprinter for stem cells

A collaborative project conducted by two Israeli firms has successfully lab-tested a proof of concept 3D bioprinter for stem cells, signalling significant potential for the printing of complex tissues and organs. Nano Dimensions, an innovative 3D printing startup with expertise in manufacturing electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs), teamed up with biotech firm Accellta to develop… Read More

Sports headset that gives you shocks sells out

Halo Neuro, creators of the literally shocking neuro primer system Halo Sport, have sold out of their first run of Halo Sport, and are assembling a waiting list for the next round of production. This represents one of the first forays into wearable technology in the cognitive assessment and training market, estimated to grow to… Read More

Treating schizophrenia with virtual reality and robots

For the last three years an EU-funded initiative has been conducting research into the treatment of schizophrenia, autism and social phobia via the use of virtual reality, avatars and through interaction with humanoid robots. The AlterEgo project is founded on the theory that we interact best with people who resemble us, and to this end… Read More

Super-resolution imaging to transform diagnostic microscopy

Researchers have developed a new technique to enhance the quality of digital microscopy images, and improve the resulting disease diagnoses. The team at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA hope the new development will prove a significant step for the production of digital imagery in microscopy, which until now has often resulted in blurry and… Read More

The ‘Internet of Touch’ will require a network revolution

If a network drops a packet or experiences a latency hiccup, most of the current crop of consequences are bearable: a video stutter, res-downgrade or buffer-swirl on Netflix; ‘some text missing’ in a standard SMS message; or an undeserved frag in a multiplayer shoot-out. In the realms of remote surgery, events of this nature really… Read More