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CEO Interview: Alert Logic’s Bob Lyons on the future of MDR

“Like most tech CEOs in 2020, I serve many constituents,” says Bob Lyons, CEO of fast-rising Managed Detection & Response (MDR) company Alert Logic. “Ultimately, my job is to create value for the three primary stakeholders of any business: customer, employee, and shareholder. I cannot fulfil that obligation to any one of them without addressing all of them.”

How MSPs can serve customers’ security needs

Managed service providers (MSPs) are at a crossroads in terms of what security services they are going to offer their customers. The dynamic digital landscape has required them to include some kind of security. At the same time, they know what they are currently offering isn’t going to serve them or their customers in the long term. Fortunately, MSPs don’t have to go it alone; they can partner with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers to fill in the gaps in their security portfolios and give them a superior competitive position.