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Microsoft selects TomTom and Here to extend location-based services

Microsoft has announced new partnerships with navigation giants TomTom and Here, in an effort to boost its location-based offerings across the Azure cloud platform. Integrating the two companies’ maps, traffic... Read More

Google Maps fights over hosting Korean geographical data

Following its recent request to Korea’s National Geographic Information Institute (NGII), Google is continuing its fight over hosting the country’s map data outside of Korea. In June the U.S.-based search... Read More

Apple maps patent promises 3D, reflections and rippling water

Apple has received a patent to develop animation technology used in its three-dimensional (3D) photorealistic maps. U.S. Patent No. 9,147,286, filed in March 2013 and granted today by the U.S. Patent... Read More

Big data seeks to increase number of cyclists in cities

A team of British academics is developing an open access web-based tool, using big data and analytics models to support local authorities plan new cycling infrastructure. The Propensity to Cycle... Read More

Google releases Street View data for national reserves in Kenya

Google has today released Street View data from their initiative to include Google Maps imagery from Kenya, including the Samburu National Reserve, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Lewa... Read More

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