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Four ways to keep cloud costs under control

Cloud is the ideal solution for today’s unpredictable business environment. From supporting remote working to enabling organisations to get new applications to market quickly, it’s helped many survive and even thrive in recent months.

However, while the headline costs of cloud are appealing, there are hidden traps which have led to problems and overspend for many organisations. Once you have got rid of your in-house infrastructure, you have to rely on what the cloud provider offers. Portability between providers is not yet proven, and it is not in a provider’s interests to make it easy! Based on our experience, we’ve identified four areas to review to ensure you control your cloud services, rather than letting them control you.

Four essential steps to good data centre management

Anne Stokes, CEO and co-founder of StreamWire, offers useful guidance to initiate change and boost operational professionalism… I absolutely love working in an environment in which everyone who touches the data centre is making a difference to the lives of so many people. True, many may not fully appreciate the impact of what they do… Read More

Growing data volumes and data centre complexity drive outsourcing

Companies looking to manage an ever-growing amount of data without the hassle of running an in-house data centre will drive the sector’s outsourced services market to grow at 16% for each of the next few years. That’s according to analysis from Frost & Sullivan (F&S) in its European Data Centre Services Market report which also… Read More

Developing a data strategy in the public sector

Public sector organisations looking to move data centres off premise face some particular challenges and risks. Marc Chang assesses the implications of the on- and off premise strategy debate for this specialist area. The demands on data centres today are driven by organisations’ endless need to store more multiple types and sizes of data, and… Read More

Using the cloud to increase return on investment and not just reduce cost

As cloud technology and know-how increasingly matures, Keith Tilley believes organisations should now look to invest in its agility benefits in creating a more dynamic and responsive business rather than just cheaper and flexible IT operating costs As if gaining visibility into what is being spent on IT services isn’t already difficult enough, it’s necessary… Read More