Latest liquid cooling publications

Motivair launches dynamic cold plates for direct liquid cooling

Mission-critical cooling innovator Motivair has launched dynamic cold plates for direct liquid cooling that deliver thermal performance of up to 100 watts per processor. The patent-pending technology, unveiled at international high-performance computing conference SC20, allows CPUs and GPUs to operate at peak performance without the use of skived microchannels, said New York-based Motivair, which technology features in several Top500 supercomputers.

Crédit Agricole selects Asperitas for immersion liquid cooling

Dutch liquid cooling company Asperitas has struck a deal with Crédit Agricole to supply immersion liquid cooling technology across its data centre portolio.

In a 2018 pilot Asperitas liquid cooling was installed at the Crédit Agricole Greenfield data centre, the bank’s largest, where it managed more than 40 percent of the bank’s workloads.

GRC and Total Data Centre Solutions partner on turnkey liquid immersion cooling for European market

Immersion cooling company Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) has announced a new partnership contract with mission-critical infrastructure provider Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) for data centres throughout Europe and the Nordic region focused on carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

A deep dive into liquid cooling

It was once the preserve of older-style legacy mainframe computers, and until recently was considered by many as only applicable for high performance computing (HPC) requirements.

However, liquid cooling is today becoming a serious contender for mainstream applications, especially those emerging at the edge of the network. Deployed in unmanned, remote sites where high levels of reliability and low maintenance are key considerations, edge computing environments must remain as secure and resilient as their larger counterparts.

EcoDataCenter readies world’s first deployment of chassis-level immersion liquid cooling

EcoDataCenter has announced it will be the first company to offer Schneider Electric, Iceotope and Avnet’s groundbreaking liquid cooling technology for customer’s hosted IT workloads.

The company will install the technology at its recently launched 8MW colocation facility in Falun, Sweden, which the company claims is the world’s first “climate positive” data centre.

The solution, announced by Iceotope, Schneider Electric and Avnet in December last year, will initially cool power densities of 46kW per rack, although it is capable of scaling to power densities of over 100kW per rack.