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Mesosphere launches first data centre OS

Mesosphere, the startup famed for its distributed system expertise and support of the Apache Mesos project, has this week announced that its first data centre operating system is set to launch early next year. Along with the launch of the new data centre operating system, DCOS, Mesosphere has also released that it has raised $36mn… Read More

OpenDaylight releases ‘Helium’, its 2nd-gen software-defined-networking platform

30The collaborative open source consortium OpenDaylight has announced version 2 of its Helium platform, designed to evolve new techniques and software for software-defined-networking (SDN). New features in the second version of Helium include customisable installation and a refined user interface called ‘dlux’. Greater build flexibility is provided via the Apache Karaf container system. Also featured in… Read More

Red Hat commits to shift company emphasis to cloud-mobile

Open source software giant Red Hat has announced that it intends to move away from desktop and the traditional uses and conventions of Enterprise Linux and towards cloud computing. It’s a major statement of intent for the company that rose to success providing supported distributions of its own fork of the open source Linux operating system…. Read More

China seeks to replace Microsoft, Android and Apple with own OS platform

The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) has revealed plans to develop its own operating system, which it hopes will override the dominance of imported providers, such as Windows and Android. Collaborating with the Chinese government, 13 software companies and 80 research bodies, the CAE plans to displace Windows XP from China’s desktop computers by October,… Read More

Linux or Windows – Are you on the right platform?

How do you decide which operating system is best for your business? David Barker looks at different versions of both Linux and Windows and weighs up the pros and cons of each. Running any business is stressful. Choosing IT set-ups and which operating system to go for may seem simple but can result in restrictions… Read More