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Severe security flaw found by Microsoft in ChromeOS

First discovered by a Microsoft security researcher in April this year, a significant memory corruption vulnerability in ChromeOS has been disclosed in a recent Microsoft blog post. Read More

Mac-compatible ‘Fruitfly’ malware escapes detection for years

A new type of malware has been discovered on the systems of biomedical research facilities, and appears to have been lurking undetected for years. The malware  – written with dual... Read More

Twenty-five years of Linux: A quiet revolution

Twenty-five years ago, a quiet revolution began that now shapes much of our modern world: Linux was born. Martin Percival, senior solutions architect at Red Hat, looks at what’s to come…... Read More

Canonical and e-shelter announce managed OpenStack private cloud initiative

Ubuntu is teaming up with major European data centre provider e-shelter to launch an end-to-end private cloud solution entitled ‘Hosted BootStack’, leveraging Ubuntu’s own implementation of the OpenStack framework. The launch... Read More

IBM partners with Linux in new mainframe push

Earlier this year, IBM launched the new z13 mainframe, its first in nearly three years. Bolstered by strong sales, the company is putting more of a focus on mainframes, partnering... Read More

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