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Lenovo and Nimble partner on predictive data centre solutions

Chinese PC giant Lenovo has partnered with all-flash storage firm Nimble to offer new converged systems in an effort to gain data centre market share. The partnership between the two tech companies, announced by Lenovo, is part of a wider push from the vendor to expand its offering of pre-integrated converged appliances under the ThinkAgile portfolio. The… Read More

Lenovo fails to perform planned Spark SSD demo

Lenovo, the Chinese PC giant, planned to unveil its long-anticipated Project Spark solid state drive for data center use yesterday. However, it backed out of the demonstration at the last minute, citing a ‘reassessment of the risk’ involved with completing a demonstration of the technology so far from the 2017 mid-year release date. Project Spark represents Lenovo’s… Read More

Lenovo website hacked by Lizard Squad amid Superfish controversy

Lenovo has confirmed today that its website was hacked, just a week after it had been uncovered that the PC maker was removing adware which left its laptop users exposed to cyber-attacks. The leading Chinese hardware manufacturer announced that users attempting to access the website for several hours on Wednesday had been redirected to a page set up… Read More

Lenovo releases clean-up tool to protect users against Superfish security flaw

After last week’s uncovering of the Superfish vulnerability, a ‘very embarrassed’ Lenovo has released a removal tool for the adware which invades browsers and injects advertisements into web pages. The Chinese PC firm’s move to publish the removal tool follows days of attempting to make amends for the ‘mess-up’ after US internet watchdog US-CERT warned… Read More

Superfish security certificate password cracked, creating new attack vector

Robert Graham at Errata Security has published an article announcing his success in extracting the SuperFish self-signed security certificate from the installed adware which has caused such a controversy for Chinese laptop and PC manufacturer Lenovo in the last 24 hours. Since the password – ‘komodia’ – is now known, Lenovo machines with SuperFish’s adware… Read More