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Lenovo ‘Neptune’ cooling aims for God-like efficiency

Lenovo has introduced a three-pronged approach to liquid cooling with ‘Neptune’, which it says can improve data centre efficiency by 50%. Neptune, which the firm says is neither hardware nor software, but rather an ‘approach’ to liquid cooling, combines Direct to Node (DTN) warm water cooling, rear door heat exchangers, and a hybrid combination of… Read More

The role of the data centre in a changing world

Kim Stevenson, vice president and general manager of Lenovo data centre infrastructure, discusses staying ahead of the competition, the relationship between business and technology strategy, and the future of the data centre For Stevenson, over the last 200 years, the industry has witnessed three industrial revolutions and we are on the cusp of a fourth, predicated on… Read More

Lenovo announces new data centre solutions for Russian market

Lenovo has released a new portfolio of ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data centre products and services for the Russian market. The solutions include servers, storage systems, network devices, and a range of data centre software technologies. ThinkSystem provides the hardware solutions in the new Lenovo series, while ThinkAgile offers the software to support these devices. The company states that… Read More

Lenovo launches its ‘largest ever’ data centre portfolio

Lenovo has introduced its largest data centre portfolio release to date, announcing two new brands ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile, as well as a variety of products covering servers, storage, networking, and software-defined solutions. Launched at the tech firm’s Tech World Transform conference in New York, the new portfolio aims to deliver advanced capabilities for businesses looking… Read More

Lenovo launches data centre partner programme in Australia and New Zealand

Lenovo has launched a data center partner program for companies in Australia and New Zealand. The program, which rewards partner companies based on data center revenue and staff certifications, is available to companies in both regions immediately. The company also announced the Lenovo Solution Alliance Partner Program, which is a part of the larger Data Center Group… Read More