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Draft Trump order homes in on foreign tech worker visas

A draft executive order from the President of the United States is promising early action on Donald Trump’s campaign promises to overhaul the controversial state of the H1B (and other) visas granted yearly to technology companies – and which have been accused of facilitating stealthy outsourcing and the loss of jobs for U.S. residents. The… Read More

Russian cybersecurity expert arrested over treason charges

Cybersecurity expert Ruslan Stoyanov of Russia’s leading anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has been arrested on charges of treason. According to information reported [Russian] by national newspaper Kommersant, the head of investigations at the multinational cybersecurity provider has been in pre-trial detention, alongside an official from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), since December 2016. Stoyanov, an employee… Read More

Amazon to amend e-book contracts in bid to defuse EU antitrust probe

U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon has offered to modify its e-book contracts with publishers in order to settle an EU antitrust probe and avoid potential penalties. According to the European Commission, the online retailer agreed to scrap a number of e-book clauses so that publishers will no longer be forced to give terms as good as… Read More

Switzerland joins UK in declaring Uber drivers employees, not contractors

Uber drivers in Switzerland are employees and the U.S. ride-hailing firm is responsible for paying social security contributions, says a new ruling by a Swiss insurance agency. The Swiss insurance agency Suva, which provides obligatory on-the-job accident insurance, is the latest body to join those declaring Uber drivers as staff. The group made the decision… Read More

U.S. Customs requesting social media details at border

The U.S. Customs department has started asking that international visitors provide social media account information upon entering the country. This move, widely criticized since it was first proposed last June, is intended to help the government spot potential terrorist threats. Travelers arriving in the United States have been asked to enter social media account information… Read More