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Korean FTC investigating Google for anti-competitive OS practice

Korean antitrust officials are investigating Google’s operating system (OS) in a probe to find out whether the tech giant blocked Samsung from developing its own mobile OS. The investigation, led by the national Fair Trade Commission (FTC), raises a case first flagged to the National Assembly six years ago. The FTC has said that it… Read More

Microsoft Azure now offers patent troll IP protection

Microsoft Azure will now offer customers protection against patent trolling, via Redmond’s considerable collection of 10,000 legal patents. The practice of patent trolling has become an industry hazard for startups in the last fifteen years, with companies forming solely for the purpose of exploiting obscure or difficult-to-research patents which may overlap with the IP of… Read More

U.S. wants travellers to disclose social media passwords on visa application

U.S. Homeland Security is considering demanding foreign visa applicants for their personal social media account details as part of an extreme screening process. According to reports, the newly-appointed Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly told a committee hearing that the department was looking into ‘enhanced or additional’ background checks. ‘We may want to get on their… Read More

Singapore rules Airbnb short-term rentals illegal

The Singapore government is to enforce a crackdown on Airbnb rentals after legislation was passed to put a final end to short-term home subletting in the city. Under current rulings, set out by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), home-owners in Singapore are banned from renting out their homes for rentals shorter than six months. Those… Read More

California to decide whether personal device communication is public record

California’s Supreme Court is due to make the call whether emails, text messages and other communications sent by government officials on private devices are public records. The decision, set for early March, will mark the latest development in an eight-year-old case which saw the former lawyer and activist Ted Smith suspect backroom dealings between a developer… Read More