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OpenStack at risk of patent trolls according to Linux protection watchdog

The Open Invention Network (OIN), founded by major tech companies to protect Linux from opportunistic patent claims, warns that the OpenStack cloud computing platform is a prime target for a new round of pre-emptive litigation. OIN chief executive Keith Bergelt told The Register that OpenStack has inadequate rights protection policy to fend off the same breed… Read More

UK government to push through emergency data storage law by end of next week

The coalition government is to pass through a rushed surveillance law next week which will force UK ISPs to retain all records of customer calls, texts and internet activity. The reform comes amongst a new wave of security measures announced by Downing Street, including tighter airport control, and concerns over ‘radicalised’ behaviour stemming from the… Read More

Who owns stuff in the cloud? Copyright battle in US Supreme Court could threaten cloud storage companies

So, what happens in the US courts isn’t always that relevant to us in Europe but this might prove to be a pivotal issue.  Aereo offers an online TV service and the judges are looking at whether its recording of broadcast programming from an off-site antenna and delivery via the Internet to a single customer… Read More