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SK Telecom eyes SDN for next-gen wireless and data centres

Korean network provider SK Telecom may deploy On.Lab’s ONOS operating system to redefine its provision of next-generation wireless technologies – and the company is already experimenting with software-defined-networking (SDN) via Linux’s OpenDaylight initative for its data centre environments. Speaking to Light Reading, senior VP of R&D for SK Telecom Kang Won Lee said: “A large… Read More

Samsung reports largest profit decline since 2011

Competition from a strong smartphone market has pushed Samsung’s annual revenue down for the first time in three years. The South Korean firm confirmed today (paywalled) that it has seen its operating profit fall by 32 per cent, down to $22.6bn (£15bn). Operating profit was measured at Won5.2tn (£3.1tn) in the final quarter of 2014, dropping… Read More

North Korea’s internet tundra breeds specialised ‘cyber forces’ numbering 6000

A South Korean ministry white paper has disclosed new estimates for the number of cyber-hacking personnel dedicated to causing “physical and psychological paralysis” in South Korea. Reuters reports that the North Korean ‘cyber army’ currently stands at 6000, under the aegis of the military spy agency called Bureau 121, itself run by the General Bureau… Read More

South Korean government to invest $400mn in Seoul startup scene

South Korea will invest $400mn (approx. £264mn) in local startups, according to a government statement released today. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said it would be funding “new and indigenous products and technologies that will help boost the country’s economy and exports.” This latest push follows President Park Geun-hye’s previous commitments to the… Read More

Samsung to invest $14.7 billion in South Korean chip facility

In the light of Samsung’s diminishing grip on the smartphone market, the South Korean tech manufacturer, currently the largest IT company in terms of revenue, is to invest in a new microchip manufacturing facility 47 miles south of Seoul. The new plant will create 150,000 jobs in the city of Pyeongtaek, which currently has a… Read More