Latest Korea publications

Line messaging app plans multi-billion dollar IPO

Sources close to Line Corporation, operator of the popular Line messaging application, confirmed today the company plans to go public with an initial price offering of up to $3 billion... Read More

South Korea breaks filibuster record fighting new surveillance bill

Politicians in South Korea have set a new record for a filibuster – an attempt to time out the passing of new legislation with verbose speeches – in its determination... Read More

Samsung’s Korean robot factories aim to cut dependency on China

It’s interesting to note how much the automation cold war is being fuelled not by superior advances in the opposition’s technology-set, but by the fact that China is in a... Read More

Cracking the citizen: a warning from South Korea about National IDs

The ‘Queen of re-identification’, Harvard Professor Latanya Arvette Sweeney, has just published an interesting set of findings regarding the vulnerability of the system that South Korea uses to uniquely identify... Read More

Notel media player helps North Koreans skirt censorship

A small portable media device, costing roughly £32, is allowing North Koreans to access and view foreign media despite tight government censorship, according to a Reuters report. The ‘Notel’, a mashup... Read More

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