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Watson AI key component to IBM Korea data centre

IBM has announced the opening of its new cloud computing center in Pangyo, South Korea. The data center, a collaboration between IBM and SK Holdings C&C, will emphasize IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence system to help foster the use of cognitive and AI technologies in the Asia Pacific region. The new Pangyo center is IBM’s ninth… Read More

South Korea Telecom launches personal cloud service

South Korea Telecom (SKT) announced today that it is launching a new version of its personal cloud service. Cloudberry will be available to subscribers of SKT, as well as customers of other services in South Korea including LGPlus. The new service represents an improvement over the previous personal cloud service in areas of privacy, convenience, and… Read More

Google Maps fights over hosting Korean geographical data

Following its recent request to Korea’s National Geographic Information Institute (NGII), Google is continuing its fight over hosting the country’s map data outside of Korea. In June the U.S.-based search giant had officially made a request to Korea’s NGII, which proposed exporting the country’s 1:5,000 scale maps data outside of its national borders. Google currently leases… Read More

South Korea heightens protections against GPS attacks

The science ministry in Seoul announced today that it is focusing on creating technology to protect South Korea from North Korean attempts to jam GPS signals. At a cabinet meeting, the government approved a set of comprehensive measures to upgrade existing systems of protection and to develop new technology to deal with the threat. GPS… Read More

6,000 strong North Korean hacker army collects $866 million per year

Experts in South Korea estimate that North Korea’s hacker army numbers more than 6,000 people and earns $866 million US per year through online gambling websites and cyber espionage. Officials at a South Korean information security conference yesterday warned that North Korean cyber attacks have progressed from humble origins, and are becoming bigger and more daring. Yu… Read More