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Microsoft seizes 50 domains operated by NK cybercriminals

A U.S. district court has provided Microsoft with a court order allowing the company to seize control of 50 domains operated by Thallium, a cybercrime ring believed to be of North Korean origin. By taking control of the domains, Microsoft will be able to suspend ‘spear phishing’ activities conducted on these websites.

Microsoft investigators have been tracking Thallium’s criminal activities, as they used their online network to target victims and compromise online accounts, infect computers with malicious code, and steal sensitive data.

North Korean hackers stole classified military documents

South Korea has reported that North Korean hackers are believed to have stolen classified military documents last year, including the most recent U.S./South Korea wartime operations plans. Democratic Party Rep. Lee Cheol-hee made the report, stating that 235 GB of classified documents were stolen, according to information from South Korean defense officials. Hackers apparently broke into… Read More

Amazon prepares to take on South Korean e-commerce

Amazon is preparing to expand competition in the Korean online retail market, as evidenced by a recent wave of advertisements for positions in its office in Seoul. In the last week alone, the e-commerce giant advertised for 49 full-time positions and internships in Seoul, many within Global Selling, Marketing, and Business Development. To date, Amazon’s business… Read More

Samsung and SK Telecom complete 5G NR trial

Samsung has announced the successful completion of a 5G trial, based on 5G New Radio (NR) technology. NR technology is the global 5G standard intended to provide a standardized OFDM-based air interface to support next-generation 5G deployments, services, and spectrum. NR technology promises customers stable, fiber-like connections provided at low cost, with low latency. The… Read More

Oracle charged $293M USD in Korean back taxes

Multinational tech giant Oracle has been charged $293 million USD ($300 billion won) for corporate tax evasion in South Korea. The $293 million charge is made up of back taxes, as well as a punitive charge from the government tax agency. The company was originally notified of the tax debt in January of last year,… Read More