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New image sensor captures both colour and near-infrared at same time

Researchers have developed a new single imaging sensor which is able to capture and display high-quality colour (RGB) and near-infrared (NIR) images simultaneously. The team of scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology and Japanese optics specialist Olympus claims that the device is the first of its kind that is capable of acquiring both forms of… Read More

Toyota plans global internal comms network for its cars from 2020

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is partnering with Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI to develop a worldwide communications standard for its cars, to become standard within four years. KDDI released a joint statement with Toyota late last week announcing the joint endeavour to develop a ‘broad-reaching, robust communications platform’ to become standard equipment in nearly all new… Read More

Cute Japanese EV wants to transform mobility in big cities

Japanese automobile startup Rimono has this week presented a new city-going electric car of the same name, to rival other urban microcars and innovative transit projects vying to resolve today’s inner-city mobility problems. The vehicle is a friendly little character created by Kota Nezu, also behind the recent wooden Toyota Setsuna prototype. Rimono [Japanese], which measures… Read More

Japanese computer mouse keeps track of how stressed you are

Japanese scientists have created a computer mouse which monitors users’ mental stress levels, which they hope will help businesses to better manage employee well-being. Alps Electric unveiled the prototype at Medtec Japan last week, showcasing the mouse’s ability to track stress and environmental factors through a collection of sensors. The company hope that the device could… Read More

Mitsubishi admits cheating fuel economy test data

Japanese car-maker Mitsubishi Motors has admitted this morning to falsifying emissions test data for some of its own brand and Nissan models, as the latest auto victim following last year’s Volkswagen scandal. Japan’s sixth-biggest car company was forced to speak up today and confirmed that there was evidence that its employees had altered emissions data… Read More