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Services restored at Australian data centre following heatwave shutdown

A heatwave that saw record-breaking temperatures reach above 44.4°C in Western Australia shut down an iiNet data centre in Perth on Monday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The data... Read More

BT blocks private torrent sites independent of court rulings

UK internet service provider BT has reportedly blocked over 20 private torrent sites over the last week. IPTorrents and TorrentDay, two of the most popular private trackers, have both been affected.... Read More

Swedish regulator orders ISP to retain customer data despite death of EU directive

The Swedish Telecoms Regulator PTS has threatened Kista-based ISP Bahnhof to continue storing records of its customer communications, even though the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled... Read More

Putin in talks to disconnect Russia from global internet in case of emergency

Reports have today announced that Russia will enter discussions next week to examine its capacity to separate itself from the global internet in “emergency” scenarios. It was reported in this morning’s... Read More

Microsoft launches further appeal against court ruling which threatens cloud users’ privacy

Microsoft is expected to file a further appeal against a Department of Justice ruling which plans to issue search warrants for US authorities to access personal emails stored abroad. Microsoft’s... Read More

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