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MTN leverages Huawei’s IP RAN for Nigerian backhaul network

South African mobile network provider MTN will be using Huawei’s IP RAN solutions to upgrade its network coverage in Nigeria, according to the Shenzhen-based tech giant. The initiative will allow MTN to offer 100 MB/s mobile internet access. In combination with Huawei’s WDM services, the IP RAN solution will extend Layer 3 to the confines… Read More

Bringing local neural network power to Android via the GPU

Anyone who peruses a large enough number of scientific papers about research into Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) can almost feel the scientists’ collective frustration at having to offload data analysis to the cloud because the mobile devices in use are underpowered and underspecced. While the world seems set to shed desktop devices as ballast in… Read More

Iranian app helps users avoid morality police

Gershad, a new smartphone application rapidly gaining popularity in Iran, helps users avoid checkpoints set up by Iranian morality police. The app, which is trending on social media (although download statistics are not currently available), allows users to tag the location of morality police checkpoints on a map and share the locations with other users…. Read More