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Within 18 months it’ll cost $5, inc hardware and future software services, to connect to the internet

This comment comes from a Gigaom piece “Determining the value of the internet of things” which features an interview with David Friedman, the CEO of Ayla Networks, a cloud connectivity specialist. Gigaom (and us) call it the internet of things, Ayla use the slightly more elegant phrase of the internet of networks. But, I digress…. Read More

Internap updates routing software to cope with increasingly complex internet

High performance internet infrastructure services, company Internap Network Services says it has completely rebuilt its intelligent routing software to cope with the upcoming demands of the internet of things. Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO) aims to route network traffic over the fastest available internet path. The company says that the internet of things means the… Read More

News: Intel to make Dublin world’s first ‘internet of things’ city

Chip giant Intel tells Silicon Republic’s John Kennedy that it wants to make the Irish capital the most “densely sensored city in the world”. The project will use 200 sensing gateways using Intel Quark-based Gateway platforms. They will be placed around Dublin to gather and monitor environmental data, in particular noise and air quality. Each… Read More

Volkswagen says the car must not become a “data monster” in the internet of things – but who’ll protect the customer?

It was VW’s chairman who used the expression “data monsters” while talking at Cebit and that drivers must be protected from government misuse of data. As car manufacturers increasingly pack their vehicles with data collection devices, Matt Asay, the vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, considers the privacy implications for the… Read More

Why wearable technology needs the power of the cloud to succeed

19/3/14 – A report by David Gilbert from the ongoing Wearable Technology event in London, featuring Intel Furturist Steve Brown plus a video if you fancy it. Essentially computing hardware is getting smaller and more powerful and so humans and various bits of their clothing and accessories (not just naff smartwatches) are becoming part of… Read More