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Controlling an iPhone with your face

Since iOS  7 the iPhone has been capable of limited face gesture control via its unintuitively named Switch Control feature, which includes limited head-movement gestures as triggers for events, such as returning to the phone’s homepage. The iPhone uses Apple’s FaceTime camera to register the movement, and the feature is buried in a group of… Read More

WebKit gets lenient on silent videos in web pages – because of animated GIF growth

The technology behind Apple’s mobile experience will now allow automatic playback of videos on the web – if they have no sound. It’s a move prompted by the growing popularity of the now-ancient animated GIF format, which has never had sound capabilities, but whose terrible bandwidth and performance penalties have been long-forgiven because of its… Read More

XCodeGhost malware resurfaces in U.S. businesses, targeting iOS 9

Earlier this year, a malware under the name of XcodeGhost was discovered to have attacked apps from Apple’s App Store in China, including popular services such as instant messenger WeChat. Apple reacted by quickly removing the infected software and released security updates to prevent further risk. However, according to recent research from security experts FireEye,… Read More

Multi-platform system identifies PII leaks on mobile devices

A system has been devised to reveal PII (Personal Identifiable Information) leaks on mobile devices. The innovation is called ReCon, a cross-platform system that shows PII leaks by inspecting network traffic. It also allows users to control the leaks via a visualisation tool. Such PII includes location, contact information, usernames and passwords. ReCon picks out… Read More

Apple’s iOS9 already driving IPv6 uptake

The September 16th release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS9, introduced support for the IPv6 connection protocol, and its introduction has already begun to increase usage. A blog post from CDN provider CloudFlare follows the uptake of iOS9 from the point that the official release overtook the beta release through to relatively mature adoption… Read More