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OpenStack: Where we’ve been and where we’re heading

The Stack discusses OpenStack’s progress over the past year and its future outlook with Board Member Simon Anderson, CEO at DreamHost, and VP of Cloud, Jonathan LaCour. As we approach the end of the year, what have you seen change or progress for OpenStack over 2014? Simon: From a board level and technical perspective, the… Read More

Regin: Businesses must identify indicators of compromise to beat spyware, says Symantec partner

The Stack speaks with Andrew Shea, vice president of Symantec partner and security solutions provider Conventus, about the newly discovered spyware Regin, which has been infecting global organisations for over six years. What is Regin and why has it taken several years to uncover? Regin is a new strain of malware and a completely new… Read More

Data centres are key to driving smart cities and national energy savings, says Green Grid Vice President Roger Tipley

The Stack speaks with Roger Tipley, Engineering Strategist at Hewlett-Packard and Vice President of The Green Grid, about improving efficiency across the data centre and complete IT estate. He explains that in the future data centres will be key to driving the success of smart cities and national sustainability efforts. You have recently stepped into the position… Read More

Cisco’s Intercloud: Policy, momentum, and the Internet of Things

In the second part of our interview with Nick Earle, SVP Cloud & Managed Services Sales at Cisco, he discusses Cisco’s take on policy and considers how emerging technologies will influence the cloud marketplace. Policy The first technology enabler we’ve got is Intercloud fabric which enables workload portability and security across any cloud. The second… Read More

Unlocking opportunities for growth and solving global challenges with open data

Richard Stirling, International Director at the Open Data Institute (ODI), explains the importance of the emerging open data movement for increasing transparency, unlocking economic growth for businesses, and solving local and global issues. Firstly, could you explain a bit about the current trends in data and analytics? There are three big data trends happening at… Read More