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Meeting modern demands in banking

How has the online banking sector changed in recent years and what are the trends and benefits experienced by customers? Lloyds Banking Group’s Jehangir Byramji discusses these notable aspects with John Bensalhia “No industry stands still: yet in recent years there has been an acceleration of change in financial services, including banking and insurance.” Jehangir… Read More

The changing face of identity in the 2020s

As the notions and methods of identity continue to change in the 21st century, Dr Victoria Baines speaks to John Bensalhia ahead of her appearance at Cloud Security Expo 2018 Who are we? Once upon a time, identity was all too simple. From name tags or badges to signatures, that’s all it took to prove your… Read More

How blockchain is revolutionising transportation and mobility

John Bensalhia meets DOVU co-founder Irfon Watkins to discuss the background, mission and ethos of this hugely successful business Eureka! Isn’t it wonderful when a plan comes together? The classic Eureka or A-ha! lightbulb moment of coming up with the solution to a problem has been seen throughout history from Archimedes to Einstein. For Irfon… Read More

Cybercrime and the scale of justice

John Bensalhia interviews Ben Russell, Head of Threat Response of the National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit, and finds out the work carried out at the NCA and why cyber crimes should be instantly reported Here’s a question: if your house was burgled, what’s the first thing that you would do? The likely answer… Read More

Why the security industry is teaming up in the fight against ransomware

The Stack speaks with Raj Samani, chief scientist and fellow at McAfee, and Hatem Naguib, SVP of security at Barracuda, to find out more on the No More Ransom initiative What is the No More Ransom initiative and what trends does it respond to? Raj: The No More Ransom initiative aims to inform the public… Read More