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UK government rushes through £500 million data centre contract

The UK government has signed a £500 million contract for data centre facilities with Crown Hosting Data Centres without putting the contract out for tender, Computer Business Review has reported. The report cites a notice of procurement, which states that ‘any operator must for the sake of the country’s CNI (critical national infrastructure) have the… Read More

UPS Basics: How does a UPS work?

Data centre power management specialist Riello UPS explain everything you’ve ever needed to know about the various types of uninterruptible power supplies. In our previous ‘UPS Basics’ videos, we’ve covered relatively straightforward questions such as “How is electricity generated?“ and “What are the most common power problems?“ This week we turn our focus to something a little… Read More

UPS Basics: Common electrical power problems explained

How does a sag differ from a power surge? Do you know what a brownout is? How are you with harmonics? Uninterruptible power supply manufacturer Riello UPS explains the most common types of electrical faults you’ll come across in the data centre. Any data centre operator knows just how crucial a clean and continuous electrical… Read More

Video: UPS basics: how is electricity generated?

Leading power protection specialist Riello UPS explores where all the megawatts of electricity needed to power the UK’s data centre industry comes from. Data centres already consume around 3% of all the electricity required throughout the world, and with demand for storage and processing capacity only getting bigger thanks to the rise of the ‘Internet… Read More

The Internet of Things’ impact on data centres

In the final instalment of our mini-series about the hidden impact the Internet of Things has on data centres, Riello UPS General Manager Leo Craig rounds up some of the slightly unusual uses of interconnected devices you probably aren’t familiar with. Over the last few weeks, we’ve highlighted some of the major areas where ongoing… Read More