Latest infrastructure publications

Australian government seeks new data centre providers

The Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has announced a request that most data centre companies should be considered for the new whole-of-government data panel if they wish.

Digital Realty selling data centre facility for $205M USD

Digital Realty, leading provider of data centre, colocation, and interconnectivity solutions, has agreed to sell an existing facility for $205 million USD.

Preconfigured Enclosures Offer 80% Reduction in Deployment Time

In an age where speed to market is of greater importance than ever, the continuing disruption caused by Covid-19 still impacts global supply-chains.

London housing ban likely in face of data centre energy usage

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has informed housing developers that the power grid in certain parts of the city is overextended, and it may take up to a decade to build the infrastructure out to support new housing projects. This may result in a moratorium on residential housing construction through 2035.

Largest data centre market in U.S. facing power shortage

Due to concerns with the electrical grid, data centre development in Northern Virginia may be delayed. Power availability could affect construction in the largest data centre market in the U.S. for the immediate future, and perhaps for years to come.