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Five Best Practices to Achieve Converged Infrastructure

Since the 1980s, traditional building automation systems (BAS) were the solution to managing and monitoring equipment in large corporate buildings. While BAS focused on operational and facility management (FM) requirements, they were complex and expensive. In many situations, the complexity, technical design and siloed nature of the systems constrained operator interactions and led to underutilisation.

African data centre operators plan more digital infrastructure investments

At a panel sponsored by MainOne at International Telecoms Week 2021, data center industry leaders agreed that additional investments in African infrastructure would be a priority in the upcoming months.

Q&A with Michael Fisher of OpsRamp

Michael Fisher is Director of Product Management at OpsRamp. Following the announcement of a free version of their digital ops management platform, Michael caught up with us to discuss why cloud operators should take a DevOps approach to infrastructure management.

The next decade of the data centre

As businesses find new ways to serve customers, staff and partners it is no surprise that the past year has experienced more demand for data than in the previous six years combined.

Norway improves data centre sustainability

The country’s strategy includes plans to support foreign investment in Norwegian data centres, by taking part in initiatives like ‘Invest in Norway’ and publishing English language guides for foreign investors.