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O2 launches first UK LTE-M network to boost business IoT

O2 claimed it will become the first carrier to bring LTE-M to the UK when its new network is rolled out in 2020. 50 sites are already live and national rollout is scheduled to complete this year.

The 4G-based LTE-M (Long Term Evolution M1) network is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) service designed to facilitate uptake of IoT business applications like asset tracking, connected traffic lights, parking sensors, soil monitoring and assisted living.

Polarisation camera breakthrough could transform IoT

Researchers have developed a portable thumbnail camera capable of instant image polarisation, opening up a range of potential IoT applications Whereas normal camera sensors detect the intensity and wavelength of incoming light, polarisation sensors capture the direction in which light vibrates, a fundamental property of light that is invisible to the human eye. Polarisation cameras… Read More

Quickly and easily build your own IoT solution from the ground up with Advantech

Bobby Vale is IoT Business Development Manager and Orchestrator at Advantech, the world’s largest industrial PC manufacturer. Don’t miss Bobby and the Advantech team at Smart IoT London, March 12-13 to discover how to quickly and easily build your own IoT solution from the ground up. www.tkrt.io/2019reg www.tkrt.io/ #internetofthings #iot #iiot #industrialinternetofthings Bobby has many… Read More