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Unearthing Jakarta’s Smart City Journey
Jakarta’s online suggestion box kickstarted a smart city journey like no other. Ahead of his presentation at Cloud Expo Asia Singapore, Jakarta Smart City’s head of data and analytics, Juan Intan Kanggrawan, detailed the city’s pioneering smart city initiative It is not easy to find a consensus definition for a smart city. Various aspects, elements... Read More

Meet Kristiono Setyadi, The Jakarta Post CTO trailblazing cloud adoption across Indonesia
When Kristiono Setyadi joined The Jakarta Post, Indonesia’s most-read English-language broadsheet was running all of its workloads on-premises or in colocated facilities. Four years later, the newspaper has shifted everything to the cloud. Not content settling with the huge efficiencies driven within his own organisation, Setyadi is on a mission to galvanise cloud adoption across... Read More

Salim Group and Keppel Corporation plan new data centre in Indonesia

Keppel Group and the Salim Group have revealed plans to operate a high-availability data centre in Bogor. The data centre will be overseen by both companies through the Alpha Data Centre Fund (Alpha DC Fund) and will be managed by Alpha Investment Partners Limited and Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd. Wong Wai Meng, CEO… Read More

Apple opening development centre in Jakarta

Apple’s latest research and development center, to be located in Jakarta, will have a location and building plans finalized by the end of this year. Communication and Information Minister Rudiantara said in an interview that the project is in the last stages of development, and is ready to be finalized by the Industry and Communications… Read More

Google meets with Indonesian officials over tax bill

A source with knowledge of the matter revealed that senior executives from Google’s Asia Pacific office met with Indonesian officials to discuss the company’s potential tax obligation in Indonesia. Google declined to comment on the meeting, but has maintained throughout an ongoing investigation that it continues to cooperate with authorities, and that it has paid… Read More