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Why cloud is key to building a mature open government

Barry Lowry, CIO at the Government of Ireland, discusses the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation in government ahead of his address at Cloud Expo Europe, London 2018 In many respects, there is a ‘push and pull’ situation developing in Ireland. There are those who carry out most of their banking, shopping and many other… Read More

Exclusive Group releases NuMeRu for data centre transformation

Value-added services and technologies group Exclusive has released NuMeRu, a bundle of products from three existing market leaders, to help partners with data centre transformation. NuMeRu, which refers to Nutanix, Mellanox and Rubrik, is a package which contains solutions, services and go-to-market support for partners of BigTec, a subsidiary of Exclusive Group. The idea of… Read More

IBM releases Cloud Private platform to create cloud native environment

IBM has released a private cloud software platform designed to accelerate app development through on-premises services that behave like the public cloud. It hopes that the platform will extend cloud-native tools across both public and private clouds, as well as ‘unlocking’ billions of dollars in investment in core data and applications. The platform takes advantage… Read More

Google Cloud and Cisco partner for hybrid containers solution

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Cisco have announced a partnership for a new open hybrid cloud solution for on-premises and GCP. Google hopes the partnership will improve agility and security for customers, with a solution for creating and managing applications both on-premises and in Google Cloud. Key to the architecture are open source platforms Kubernetes… Read More

The next step for hybrid cloud in infrastructure and operations

Hybrid cloud represents a logical step for many businesses, with demand for agility and flexibility increasing as both enterprise organisations and consumers come to expect more from their IT products and services With so many services on offer, and with an increasingly complex set of requirements for businesses to fulfil, it is now a rare occasion… Read More