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EcoStruxure IT modernises the monitoring and management of complex, hybrid IT Infrastructure

Evolves DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software) from individual data centres to cover full, hybrid IT environment Addresses industry requirements for more resilient, secure, and sustainable IT infrastructure Features custom solutions team comprised of skilled engineers who speak 24 languages and perform customer integrations everywhere in the world June 8th, 2022 – Schneider Electric, the… Read More

Red Hat and Accenture expand partnership in hybrid cloud

Building on their successful 12 year long partnership, software firm Red Hat and consultancy firm Accenture recently announced their strategic partnership is set for expansion in a bid to offer clients hybrid cloud innovation. The partnership is expected to focus on four key areas initially, including co-developing open hybrid cloud application and mainframe modernisation initiatives…. Read More

A Guide to frictionless Zero Trust for modern enterprises

CrowdStrike, a global cybersecurity leader, consider the challenges that Traditional Zero Trust solutions might have and how they provide a frictionless Zero Trust approach for enterprises that reduces costs and operational complexity.

Start-up Haystack Analytics secures $1.2 million investment

Launched last year by Julian Colin and Kan Yilmaz, Haystack Analytics seeks to improve productivity and quickly identify developers who are at risk of burning out. The funding will be used to effectively support employees and eliminate bottlenecks around code and productivity.

Redefining networking in a hybrid cloud world, with Justin Day, CEO, Cloud Gateway

How is our hybrid cloud world redefining networking? Justin Day, CEO of Cloud Gateway will share his thoughts on day one of Cloud Expo Europe. A panel discussion not to be missed. Don’t miss Cloud Gateway at Cloud Expo Europe where it will share its new partnership with Equinix that is allowing it to provide… Read More