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Huawei launches new 400,000 sq.mt data centre in China

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has launched a new data centre project in southwestern China. The facility, located in the Guizhou province, spans 400,000 sq.mt and houses almost 600,000 servers maintained by 600 to 800 IT service engineers. According to reports, the engineering professionals will then be sent overseas to support Huawei’s international services. This move forms part… Read More

Telefónica launches data centre in Lima, Peru

Telefónica, the global broadband and telecom provider, has opened Phase I of a new cloud data center in central Lima, Peru. Rather than build a new facility, the company chose to repurpose a central office in an effort to reduce capital expenditures and reuse assets, while reducing construction timelines. The new cloud data center, located… Read More

Global Switch raises $1.2 billion for data centre builds

Global Switch, owner and operator of twelve data center facilities worldwide, has announced the completion of two €500 million bond offerings. The investment-grade bonds were offered so that the company can restructure debt and strengthen its capital for future growth. The bonds, which were more than 3.4 times oversubscribed, will mature in 2024 and 2027, extending… Read More

Huawei FusionServer adds Simplivity OmniStack support

Huawei is partnering with hyperconvergence provider Simplivity to bring support for the latter’s OmniStack technology to its own FusionServer RH2288H V3 offering. The partnership brings flash-based speed and reliability across a unique resource pool spanning multiple sites. OmniStack offers storage and compute optimisation along with data mobility and management, integral data protection and autonomous disaster… Read More

Huawei announces ground-breaking graphene-assisted Li-on battery

Huawei has announced a significant breakthrough in heat-resistant, long-life Lithium Ion (Li-on) battery technology, with a new prototype that can remain functional at environmental conditions up to 60°C (10°C higher than previously attained in Li-on research), with the promise of notably extended battery life for IoT-based field packs. The global telecommunications and networking company, based… Read More