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If organisations want to capture AI’s benefits, they need to get to work

“No company competes today by its access to electricity, and no company will compete by its access to AI.” That’s the prediction of Daniel Hulme, AI expert, lecturer and CEO... Read More

CDO Interview: Do AI unto others as you would have AI done unto you

Like many new technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings us countless potential benefits while introducing a whole raft of new dangers. Dr Juergen Rahmel, Chief Digital Officer at HSBC Germany and... Read More

HSBC to offer robo-advice for investors

HSBC has announced plans to offer robo-advice to small investors. Clients with less than £15,000 will have access to the new service, which will offer advisement to online investors at... Read More

HSBC announces biometric banking with voice and fingerprints

HSBC announced today that it would offer biometric banking options, including voice and fingerprint recognition, to all 15 million of its customers by summer 2016. For those customers who elect... Read More

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