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Research focus: ETH Zurich/University of Bologna and pAElla-powered data centres

ETH Zurich in Switzerland is one of the most highly regarded science and technology universities, one known for its cutting-edge research and innovation. When it come to data centres, the... Read More

Successive cyber attacks shut down European supercomputers working on Covid-19 research

European high-performance supercomputers were subject to a string of related cyber attacks last week that forced academic insitutions to temporarily take systems offline. A large number of the academic institutions... Read More

Interview: Matt George, Marketing Director EMEA, Equinix

Disruptive Live’s interview with Matt George, Marketing Director EMEA, Equinix, from this year’s Data Centre World at the London ExCeL.  Read More

El Capitan supercomputer will be 10 times as powerful as anything we’ve seen before

The US Department of Energy's (DoE) upcoming El Capitan supercomputer will be capable of 2 exaflops of computing performance, making it more powerful than the top 200 fastest supercomputers combined.... Read More

UK Met Office ploughs £1.2bn into record-breaking weather and climate supercomputer

As the UK battles extreme weather conditions for the second week running, the Met Office has revealed plans to build the world's most powerful weather and climate supercomputer. The country's... Read More

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