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Creating the interoperable converged cloud standards

Most IT vendors often say much the same thing, and may of them would like their latest and greatest cloud or another kind of technological solution to become the industry standard. Companies such as HP and Nutanix are among them. In a recent interview some converged cloud infrastructure experts at HP indicated that the company… Read More

Rackspace focuses on service as hunt for investor continues

The hunt by hosting services company, Rackspace, for a knight in shining armour with deep pockets continues while, in the meantime, the operation gets on with business. Toby Owen (pictured), the head of product strategy for the open cloud company, said the move to appoint a financial services company to assess its strategic options was… Read More

Should the CIO become a bridge builder, less involved in technology, more in business?

What’s in a name? HP’s chief technologist on cloud Christian Verstraete muses on the changing role of the chief information (or is that Innovation?) officer. Putting the actual title aside he sets out what he considers to be the six key responsibilities of the people in charge of today’s IT. Excerpt “CIOs need to figure… Read More