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Data centres are key to driving smart cities and national energy savings, says Green Grid Vice President Roger Tipley

The Stack speaks with Roger Tipley, Engineering Strategist at Hewlett-Packard and Vice President of The Green Grid, about improving efficiency across the data centre and complete IT estate. He explains that in the future data centres will be key to driving the success of smart cities and national sustainability efforts. You have recently stepped into the position… Read More

Anoop Kumar: HP’s vision for Helion in Asia

Anoop Kumar is the Portfolio and Strategy Sales Leader for HP Helion Cloud, Asia Pacific & Japan based in Singapore, and has worked extensively on solutions like the HP BladeSystem, Virtual Connect, virtualization and automation software. HP Helion is an ecostructure of services and products, rather than a product, and incorporates (and is interoperable with) Open… Read More

HP to split into two companies as PC market declines

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced its plans to split its business into two companies, after experiencing reported difficulties adapting its services to today’s fast-paced and diverse computing market. The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that, in an effort to place more focus on its corporate solutions branch, a brand division would be actioned, separating HP’s computer… Read More

OpenStack at risk of patent trolls according to Linux protection watchdog

The Open Invention Network (OIN), founded by major tech companies to protect Linux from opportunistic patent claims, warns that the OpenStack cloud computing platform is a prime target for a new round of pre-emptive litigation. OIN chief executive Keith Bergelt told The Register that OpenStack has inadequate rights protection policy to fend off the same breed… Read More

The hybrid cloud: HP acquires former OpenStack rival Eucalyptus

HP has acquired the open-source cloud software company Eucalyptus, in what appears to be a grab for the company’s governing talent rather than its flagship product. Under the terms of the acquisition, rumoured to have taken place for less than $100mn, Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos will become SVP and general manager of HP’s Helion hybrid cloud… Read More