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Alibaba buys the South China Morning Post for £175 million

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has confirmed its acquisition of the Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper the South China Morning Post, for £175 million. The deal includes licences for other SCMP group media including Hong Kong publications of Elle, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. Critics have argued that the acquisition will allow China a tighter hold over Hong… Read More

‘Parasitic’ robots to help tackle urban pollution

Designers in Hong Kong have come up with a concept for air-purifying robots which ingest carbon dioxide, cleaning city air and producing fuel. NAS-DRA, the team behind the ‘parasitic robots’, has explained that these devices would attach onto billboards in cities such as Hong Kong sucking in urban pollution during daylight hours through a carbon-absorbent polymer paint. At… Read More

Mesh-networked mobile phone connections coming to Hong Kong

Early in 2015 Chinese network provider 21Vianet will launch a new service in Hong Kong that lets participating mobile phone users ‘borrow’ connections over Wi-Fi from other users who may have a stronger data connection, boosting download speeds by more than 50% and even enabling connectivity in areas with no usable carrier signal. The new… Read More

Massive surge for FireChat message app during Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

A recently-launched mesh-networking app was downloaded to Hong Kong users 100,000 times in 24 hours after student leader Joshua Wong advised fellow activists that the government may switch off mobile networks as a pacification measure. FireChat, a mobile messaging app released in March, will default to local Bluetooth networks in the absence of other network connections. Of necessity… Read More

Asia’s banks should learn to learn to love the cloud as a key enabler

Cloud is a capability that banks will have to master in order to build an agility advantage according to one of Asia’s leading analysts. Writing in his blog, Frederic Giron, a vice president and principal analyst with Forrester in Singapore (pictured), describes some case studies of financial services companies. He said: “Cloud is a key… Read More