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Alibaba sponsors $3 million Hong Kong startup competition

Alibaba has kicked off Jumpstarter 2017, a competition between startups with a significant investment in their business as a prize. Each of the top three contenders will receive a prize... Read More

Hong Kong startup uses augmented reality to find haunted apartments

A real estate startup company in Hong Kong has harnessed the power of augmented reality (AR) technology to show users the price of apartments for sale or rent. It also... Read More

Google and Facebook to build fastest trans-Pacific submarine network

Internet giants Google and Facebook have teamed up to invest in an undersea fibre optic cable network connecting Los Angeles and Hong Kong – in what is expected to be... Read More

In a world full of cameras, how can you ‘opt out’ of appearing in photos?

Researchers in Hong Kong have proposed and developed a system which allows users a high level of control over whether their likeness actually appears in any photo of themselves –... Read More

Augmented reality has surgical application

A Chinese surgeon has discovered a practical application for augmented reality in the medical field. Using the same technology by which a Pokemon character is layered onto a real-life setting,... Read More

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