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Controlling climate in the data centre when disaster strikes

Carl Webb, Director of HVAC at Andrews Sykes, explains the benefits of having a dependable climate back-up plan to safeguard your assets in a crisis… For the majority of companies, it is important to know that key information is stored appropriately and securely. Very few, however, give much thought to the infrastructure behind essential hardware that… Read More

Emergency cooling – hire or buy?

Carl Webb, UK Director (HVAC), at Andrews Sykes, discusses why it is essential for data centre managers to have a suitable approach to emergency cooling… Since the dawn of the data centre, organisations have required air conditioning to ensure the smooth running of their servers. Heat can build up for many reasons, including a lack… Read More

Free air gets data centre operators pumped up

Is free cooling the way forward? Is climate change affecting the data centre? Are advances in server and storage technology leading to a rise in temperature in the data centre? Mark Parnell-Hopkinson, the managing director of Sentronex, investigates The combination of technical advancements, environmental change and rising energy costs has led to a significant increase… Read More