Latest Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) publications

A new way of cooling continuity

Chiller battery innovation offers resilience and load-shifting potential for critical data centre cooling, says Tim Mitchell, sales director at Klima-Therm Cooling for data centres is always mission critical. The traditional... Read More

The acoustic impact on HDDs: risk mitigation measures

Alan Elder, Tyco fellow, Tyco Fire Protection Products, looks at the research conducted on the impact of acoustics on HDDs and risk mitigation measures Data centres are relied upon to store... Read More

Fire protection systems: no longer something to fear

Cedric Verstrynge, product specialist, and Don Mitchell, data centre division manager, at Victaulic, discuss why fire protection worries data centre operators as much as fire itself, and how that can change... Read More

The need for a holistic approach to data centre fire suppression

Preventing a fire in a data centre, and understanding how to deal with the situation if it does happen, is one of the most critical aspects of data centre operation.... Read More

No time to waste: warming homes using heat from data centres

Stijn Grove, Managing Director of the Dutch Data Center Association, looks at how data centres, despite becoming increasingly efficient, can go a step further and contribute ‘waste heat’ into the wider... Read More

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