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Query brokers: SMCQL allows queries in a zero trust environment

In a political and business environment that’s currently obsessed with encryption, would it not be useful if query data could pass through networks and alien environments without being of value to anyone who might be trying to steal it – even if they were able to obtain it? Technically Andy Yao’s Garbled Circuit theory, first… Read More

AI achieves near-human accuracy in diagnosing cancer

New research suggests that computer models could help doctors achieve greater accuracy in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. A research team from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system which is able to train computers to analyse pathologic image data [PDF]. The scientists… Read More

Alcohol monitoring wearable takes readings straight from your skin

The world’s first wearable alcohol monitor is able to track your blood alcohol levels, reading the ethanol molecules let off by your skin. The wristband, developed by San Francisco medical equipment manufacturer and breathalyser specialist BACtrack is dubbed Skyn, and marks the latest breakthrough in the use of wearables to support alcohol research. In a video posted to… Read More

Stephen Fry signs off from ‘The Grid’ again

Following a scathing departure from his four million Twitter followers regarding criticism of his BAFTA commentary in February, unelected UK and internet technology ambassador Stephen Fry has made an avowed departure from all social networks. In a stinging 2,600+ word essay at stephenfry.com, the 58-year-old comedian, presenter and raconteur compares an exit from mainstream social… Read More

Catapult experiment shows drone collision danger

In an experiment at the Aalborg University’s Drone Research Lab, scientists have created a motorized catapult with a high-speed camera, to record what happens when a small hobby drone collides with a person or object. The experiment shows the dangers that even small drones may pose to people or property by changing speed and force… Read More