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Google’s Project Aura wearable patents severe injury assessment

A patent filed earlier this year indicates that Google is looking to integrate accident recovery features into the new iteration of its wearable computing system, Project Aura (formerly Google Glass). The patent was filed in September of 2016 by Google employee Adrian Wong – who briefly left Google to work on the Oculus Rift VR… Read More

Google blocks NHS for ‘botnet’ resemblance

Google is blocking access to NHS staff after search engine traffic from the UK healthcare provider’s network was mistaken as a major cyber threat. With over a million employees, the NHS is undoubtedly a heavy load on the U.S. tech giant’s servers, but this week the sheer amount of requests was detected as a cyberattack… Read More

Delivering effective data compliance in healthcare

Daniel Hickmore, Health Subject Matter Expert at Arkivum, explains why health trusts need to better understand data lifecycles, follow guidelines for recordkeeping and establish comprehensive security and confidentiality frameworks… Traditional methods for managing the growing deluge of health data simply do not scale anymore. Whether observational, research data or medical, clinical imaging, telemetry data or… Read More

U.S. Army and Marines trial knee brace that charges batteries

The U.S. military is testing a device that moves the concept of ‘elbow grease’ a little lower down the body and utilises the active lifestyle of the average U.S. soldier or Marine to help keep batteries charged on communications devices. The knee brace power harvester, developed by Canadian tech manufacturer Bionic Power Inc., is currently… Read More

Google’s DeepMind to apply AI in head and neck cancer treatments

Google’s DeepMind team has partnered with British hospital doctors on an oral cancer program hoping to cut planning times for radiotherapy treatments. After recently announcing a partnership with London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital to use its machine learning technologies to speed up the diagnoses of eye conditions, DeepMind has this week confirmed a new initiative at… Read More