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Cyber security is a critical business risk for the NHS, warns Barclays CSO

Cyber security is a business risk and must be the responsibility of the person at the top of any organisation, says Christopher Greany, Head of Group Investigations at Barclays Chief Security Office. Speaking about the recent cyber attack on the NHS when ransomware led to cancelled operations and diverted ambulances, he warns: ‘If the Chief… Read More

Google mishandled NHS patient data, investigation warns

The Information Commissioner’s Office is expected to publish a letter later today questioning Google DeepMind’s management of NHS patient data. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) initiated an investigation last March through the National Data Guardian (NDG) to review Google’s partnership with the NHS. A preliminary result outlined in a letter from the NDG to DeepMind… Read More

AR system lends X-ray vision to surgeons

Augmented reality (AR) technology is lending ‘X-ray vision’ to surgeons in a series of innovative trials led by design and development firm Cambridge Consultants. The prototype successfully demonstrated how an augmented system could transform surgical operations, while lowering risk and improving success rates. Using Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, the researchers created an AR system which made… Read More

The rise and risk of IoT in healthcare

Carson Sweet, co-founder and CTO at CloudPassage, argues why we cannot lose sight of compliance and security measures as IoT plays an increasing role in the healthcare sector… Technology in the healthcare industry has evolved rapidly in recent decades, particularly with the advent of the Internet of Things. Currently, healthcare IoT offers the benefit of… Read More

How big data and cloud are supporting life-saving non-profit operations
Aaron Auld, CEO at EXASOL, discusses how big data analytics and cloud technologies are offering incredible new opportunities in the not-for-profit sector… Cloud, in every form, is a boon for non-profit. Out of necessity, charities in particular have very strong governance in place to scrutinise the value of any investment and have thin resources that... Read More