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How AI adoption will revolutionise the healthcare system

Leaders in healthcare are increasingly turning to AI to improve diagnosis and screening processes. The technology is now capable of delivering real-time personalised patient care and is bringing the promise of precision medicine ever closer to reality. The Stack recently spoke to Bhushan Desam, global director of AI business at Lenovo DCG, and Dario Garcia-Gasulla, senior… Read More

Google AI predicted cancer diagnosis better than doctors

A Google algorithm gave a better assessment of a cancer patient’s prognosis than doctors and hospital computers in a recent case, according to Bloomberg. A female patient with late-stage breast cancer was admitted to a hospital, where she received a radiology scan and was seen by two doctors. The hospital’s systems, after reading her vital… Read More

Data & AI: keeping the NHS out of critical care?

With waiting lists growing and resources stretched to breaking point, the prognosis doesn’t look too promising for the nation’s healthcare sector. Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS, outlines how a dose of data and artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to be the perfect prescription that helps the NHS tackle the medical needs of… Read More

IT errors responsible for 450,000 missed cancer screenings

IT errors were responsible for missing invitations to breast cancer screenings for 450,000 women in the UK, it has been revealed. The error has been estimated to be connected to between 135 and 270 deaths, according to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Hunt has now called for an inquiry into the errors. He has told the… Read More

A test of patients: the challenges of healthcare IT

Ahead of his session at Data Centre World Asia, held in Hong Kong this May, Sylvester Wong, Senior Director IT at Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), spoke to The Stack about the challenges of IT requirements in healthcare, and his expectations for the industry in the future. Working in healthcare IT provides a unique set of challenges…. Read More