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Smart clothing to overtake wristbands in war of the wearables

Fitness wristbands are expected to peak over the next year before starting a gradual decline, a Gartner report has claimed. Wearable bands have dominated the consumer tech market this year, with sales expected to rocket over Christmas. Currys has predicted that the Samsung Gear Fit will be the number one technology gift over the festive period…. Read More

Ebola: Big data and social networks may hold potential to curbing epidemic

Head of the UN Ebola mission, Anthony Banbury, has warned that the world is slipping behind in the race to contain the epidemic, with deaths exceeding 9,000 last week and thousands of new cases predicted by December, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). “It is running faster than us, and it is winning the race,”… Read More

Facebook to develop digital healthcare apps and services

Reuters has reported this morning that Facebook are planning to step into the healthcare world with a range of health tracking applications and platforms, following Apple and Google’s lead. Sources close to the company revealed that meetings with medical experts and entrepreneurs had been held at Facebook to discuss the launch of a new department which… Read More

Google’s founders discuss machine learning, driverless cars and how they work together

A surprisingly funny and human interview with these two top tech geeks.  The most interesting parts are probably the bits on machine learning and driverless cars but the the interplay between the two is fascinating. The interviewer, Vinod Khosla, a venture capitalist, starts off asking about the story of how in 1997 Google almost got… Read More