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App for cancer patients launches on Apple Watch to transform care quality

Healthcare tech firm Medopad has today announced the global launch of its Apple Watch chemotherapy app, with cancer patients at London’s King’s College Hospital the first to trial the solution. The app is already deployed in active-care settings around the world, including NHS hospitals and private health facilities. However, now taking advantage of the Apple Watch, the… Read More

IBM partners with Apple and Johnson & Johnson as it pushes Watson into medicine

IBM has announced new developments in creating its health care cloud, using its Watson artificial intelligence (AI) system to allow for remote and secure use of medical data fed from hospitals, health facilities and consumer devices such as smartphones and wearables. “We are convinced that by the size and scale of what we’re doing we… Read More

Open Humans Network allows volunteers to open-source their DNA

A new online platform is launching today which will allow participants to give scientists access to their medical data, including information on genomes, bacteria and other health-related matter. The Open Humans Network aims to pool the shared biological information to help researchers seek out new discoveries. The individuals would not volunteer for a single study alone,… Read More

IBM launches tool to create disabled-friendly mobile apps

IBM have released a new framework [PDF] to help developers ensure that their smartphone apps for iOs and Android meet the needs of a potential 1 billion users. The IBM AbilityLab Mobile Accessibility Checker (MAC)is designed to automate, document and audit the usability of cell-phone apps for people suffering from a range of possible impairments…. Read More

1,600 digital beating human hearts stored for Big Data research

Doctors in London are now able to access digital copies of thousands of human hearts, helping medical professionals across the industry develop new treatments and preventative care plans for chronic heart disease. 3D video recordings of the beating hearts of 1,600 patients were collected by researchers and scientists at the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Sciences… Read More