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FitBit’s open Bluetooth port enables rapid ‘viral’ malware infection

An unpatched vulnerability in the FitBit fitness tracker has been proven susceptible to a malware attack so fast that it obviates the one advantage that a fitness device is often claimed to have against intrusion – brevity of opportunity. Additionally, once infected, the malware can propagate itself in the same manner to other FitBit devices… Read More

Cracking the citizen: a warning from South Korea about National IDs

The ‘Queen of re-identification’, Harvard Professor Latanya Arvette Sweeney, has just published an interesting set of findings regarding the vulnerability of the system that South Korea uses to uniquely identify its 50+ million citizens – and believes that those proposing new ‘Citizen ID’ systems in the United States and elsewhere should take note of the… Read More

IBM’s Watson to support pharmacy chain in predicting patient care needs

IBM is planning to partner with U.S. retail pharmacy group CVS Health, using its supercomputer Watson to develop personalised care solutions to support chronic condition management. The partnership, announced today, will see the companies work to build a system which can identify unnecessary medical interventions and irrelevant cost, and predict declining health in patients suffering from conditions… Read More

Planned Parenthood calls on FBI in alleged employee data hack

Healthcare provider Planned Parenthood has notified the FBI and Department of Justice of an alleged data breach that could compromise the ‘privacy and safety of staff members.’ Company representatives on Monday revealed that hackers were attacking Planned Parenthood IT systems in an attempt to gain unauthorised access to its employee database and leak the personal data… Read More

Inkjet printer can produce medical test on single sheet of paper

Product design and development experts Cambridge Consultants have announced a new inkjet technology which is able to create a medical diagnosis test from one sheet of paper. The firm hopes that the innovation could provide a low-cost and adaptable diagnosis test, which can be mass produced by the million. Current point-of-care diagnosis is expensive compared to lab… Read More