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UK government mandates open data on transport for benefit of passengers with mental health difficulties

In a speech today the UK’s Transport Minister Andrew Jones confirmed the British government’s commitment to making the use of public transport more amenable to those suffering with mental health issues, including a mandate to bus operators to make information about their routes, fares and times openly available, so that app makers can hook into… Read More

Smart chip could lead to safer, wireless brain implants

A team of scientists has developed a tiny smart chip capable of attaching to neural implants, and facilitating the wireless transmission of brain signals. Neural implants embedded in the brain can alleviate some of the symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, as well as supporting the movement of prosthetic limbs. However, their use has been restricted… Read More

Why a social media detox is like a bad fad diet

Over the years there have been hundreds of diet detoxes that have come along to help us get the life and the body that we’ve always wanted, my favorite being the Juice Cleanse.  Something about the word “cleanse” makes us think that the juice about to be consumed is the cure all for our life… Read More

Google proposes ‘needle-less’ system for drawing blood

Google has published a patent [PDF] for a needle-free blood draw technology which could be incorporated into a wrist wearable or hand-held device. The patent filing explained that the system releases a pulse of gas into a barrel or ‘hollow cylinder’, containing a ‘micro-particle’ which can break through the skin and draw a small sample of blood…. Read More

Ransomware to hit ‘lifesaving’ medical devices in 2016

A surge in ransomware campaigns is expected to hit the medical sector in 2016, according to a recent report published by forecasters at Forrester Research. The paper ‘Predictions 2016: Cybersecuirty Swings To Prevention’ suggests that the primary hacking trend of the coming year will be “ransomware for a medical device or wearable,” arguing that cybercriminals… Read More